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David Nolder, Phatman's Smash Burgers, smash burgers in kenosha

David Nolder

Owner/Burger Master

The flat top is hot, the fryer is on, let’s get cookin’!

David Nolder has been cooking his whole life. From local restaurants, to national chains, he knows what good food is and how to make it. In 2020, he decided to branch out and serve his own food, made his way. With tons of flavor and a good helping of personality. Despite a global pandemic, David brought his unique Phatman’s smash burger to the Kenosha area and it’s only gained popularity. From community festivals, to pop-up events, Phatman’s is taking its place in burger history.

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Burger Stats

Est. 2020Phatman's is born

1500+Burgers Smashed and Served

A Smash hit!Kenosha's best kept secret